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Contactless Self Storage

Looking to store a few items but done need to rent out a whole unit? Well we've got a great solution with our new service 'Storage by the Box'. Just pay for the boxes you want to store. It makes your self storage experience more convenient and cost effective. 

Included in the cost of this service, is the delivery, pick up and return of your boxes. You won't need to leave your home to use self storage.

How it Works

Arranging contactless self storage couldn't be easier. We do all the hard work so you don't have too.

  • Give one of our friendly team a call and arrange a day for us to drop off our special heavy duty boxes to a location of your choice. 
  • We will drop it at a safe area avoiding all contact with our staff. 
  • Simply fill your boxes with the belongings you wish to store. Then insert the tamper tag, which locks the box until you re open it. 
  • Then we will come back to your location and pick your belongings up and take it to our nearest secure facility to store in your unit. 
  • When you want your items back, we will drop them off to you at a time and location convenient to you. 


Tote Box

Tote Box

Our Boxes

These heavy duty boxes are designed to keep its contents safe and secure. Designed to fit small/medium household items, you'll be able to fit plenty of your possessions to maximise your storage space.

To make sure that you are the only person who accesses your boxes, we supply each customer with 'tamper tags'. Once you have safely placed all your items in the boxes, simply insert the tamper tag and you box is locked. You'll have piece of mind that when you store your boxes with us, only you will have accessed them. 


We offer two sizes of storage boxes. 

Medium - 52 Litres

Large - 65 Litres 

You can mix and match these boxes to make up the right amount of storage for you. If you need more, we will be happy to drop some to you. If you don't use all the boxes we will only charge for the ones you do use.


We currently offer this service at the following locations -

  • Wrexham