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De-clutter and Regain Space in your Life

Making better use of your space is sometimes a better option than moving house or extending. Do you need all that stuff around you on a day to day basis or could you have room to move if it was in a safe place away from your home? Using our de-cluttering storage units will also mean that you don't have to decide what to keep or what to throw away!

Big Padlock Wrexham have a variety of different size self-storage rooms that will allow you to store as many items as you need to make your house more spacious.

All our storage rooms in our Wrexham storage facility can be rented from as little as a week or for a lifetime and with sizes ranging from 10 sqft to 250 sq ft we can take care of the smallest and de-cluttering project.

Please contact our Wrexham team to find out more about our de-cluttering storage units and how we can help you get back your space in life!

Alternatively, use our quick quote system to decide your storage room size and receive an immediate quote.

Big Padlock Wrexham also sells a wide range of packaging materials to help make sure that all your possessions are carefully protected.