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The Benefits of Archive Storage

Monday 06th August 2018

Archive storage is a fundamental part of any business activity, and the recent introduction of the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) across the EU has made it even more so. After all, the Regulations don't just apply to electronically-held personal information, but to clerical data as well.

As the premier providers of cheap archive storage in Cardiff, Liverpool, Ayr, Huyton, Wirral, Aberdare, and Wrexham, we understand only too well the importance of quality archive storage for any business, which is why we’ve drawn up this brief list of its major benefits:


An obvious benefit, but one worth mentioning at the outset. Paper files take up a lot of space and, as your business expands, so too will the amount of space required to hold your important information. With archive storage, your paper files are held in a secure unit, freeing up room in your office for more staff or amenities.

Safety and security

Perhaps the most important consideration for any company is the safety and security of their information archive. From practical concerns about atmospheric damage to preventing the documents from being seen by unauthorised personnel, archive storage is the solution.


Your paper data archive is one of those things that is never even looked at most of the time, and only comes under scrutiny when it is absolutely essential. Archive storage facilities can be accessed at any time, so you know that all your papers are at hand when you need them, but are not underfoot when you don’t.


Having a dedicated room (or rooms) in your office for archiving purposes can cost significantly more than the equivalent off-site archive storage. Aside from the necessity of buying secure shelving and cabinets to hold your papers, that space could be turned over to a new team that’s actually producing something for your company.

At Big Padlock Self Storage, we offer cheap archive storage across all of our sites. Contact your local branch today for more details and to get your free, no-obligation quote.

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