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How to prepare your home for viewings

Wednesday 06th June 2018

A key component to selling your home is a successful viewing. These are handy hints to prepare for a viewing, and to give that all-important good first impression.

Cleaning and decluttering

The first one is obvious: make sure everywhere looks clean and well cared for, paying attention to key areas like the bathroom and kitchen.

As for general clutter, it’s something we all build up over the years, but getting rid of it now will open up the house, making it appear bigger (and thus more appealing) to any potential buyer.

You needn’t throw your favourite collections away; just get them out of the house. Pack them into storage boxes and take advantage of a local self-storage facility like Big Padlock. Not only does this open up the house, but you’ve saved yourself a job ahead of moving day.

Let there be light

Unless your prospective buyers have the surname Addams, drawn curtains and darkened rooms are unlikely to impress. Pull the curtains, move anything that impedes the natural light, and arrange for daytime viewings.

Access all areas

We’ve all got a place where unused items get hidden away, be it an attic, a cellar, or a cupboard under the stairs. Buyers are going to want to inspect these for potential storage space, so make sure they’re empty, and their contents thrown out or boxed up.

It’s all about space

Potential buyers want to see your home as a blank canvas before they make an offer, so make it easy for them. The less you keep in the house, the bigger it looks and the less work you need to do down the line.

Big Padlock offers a range of self storage units in Cardiff, Liverpool, Wirral, Aberdare, Ayr, Huyton and Wrexham. With introductory reduced rates available at all locations, it’s the ideal solution for storing your belongings and furniture while you sell your house. Get in touch today for a free quote.

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