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Top Student Summer and Gap Year Storage Tips

Tuesday 06th August 2019

Summers before, after, and during university are exciting times full of possibilities. There aren’t many other times in your life when you’ll be able to suddenly decide to go travelling and be in the midst of your adventures just a week later.

Nor is any other time when your living situation feels so transient. Your parent/s or guardian maybe 300 miles away – and their home still feels like yours – but you’ve also established a new life here, wherever here maybe. Many people love this aspect of their lives, but the part no one enjoys doing or thinking about is logistics.

 You have to pack up your life into the boot of a car or a large suitcase periodically throughout your studies and ferry it around with you. Fortunately, you don’t have to, there is a much easier option for keeping your valuables safe, and that is self-storage. Why?

Why is Self-Storage Perfect for Students?

  • You accumulate stuff: it seems to be second nature for us all to collect more things as we age, and it becomes far less practical to try and carry it around with us. Wouldn’t it be easier to leave the majority of your things (especially winter clothing) in the city you are studying in? (Of course it would!)

  • The tendency to move somewhere new each year: I don’t know about you, but me and my friends never lived anywhere for more than a year during university, and each summer we all cleared out our flat and took all our stuff home for a few months, before bringing it back and depositing it just a mile away in our new place. Madness!

  • You can take a last-minute adventure: storage is the best way to keep your valuables safe when you suddenly decide to pack up and go travelling with no more than a backpack and the clothes on your body to your name. The fact that you need to deposit your valuables somewhere shouldn’t hold you back, and it doesn’t need to.

  • Discounts!: We offer student discounts (25% off!) on our storage units to make life that little bit easier, so it makes sense to leave your belongings in the city, so you don’t have to bargain with a parent, sibling, or friend to come and get you and a carload of things at the end of the year.

What Can I Store?

Almost anything that’s not alive! That means you’ll have to take any houseplants and secret pets home with you. You can also not store any food, flammables, toxic materials, fuels, chemicals, or explosives – though hopefully, you leave those in the lab anyway!

Can I Share a Unit?

Of course, just make sure they are a past roommate or someone else you trust.

Can I Store Items for a Whole Year While I Travel?

Yes! Just talk to the friendly staff at your local branch to discuss your needs so you can get the right unit for you.

How to Prepare to Store Your Items

  • Clear out your belongings. There’s no point hauling home or storing things you’ll never use again. Sure, that costume you wore to the first social was awesome, but are you really going to use it again? Let the pictures and memories be a testament to the amazing night, not physical junk.
  • Wash any clothes. Storing musty or dirty clothes for even just a few months isn’t a good idea. Instead, rewash any winter clothes and consider vacuum packing them and any big coats that take up a lot of room.
  • Pack carefully. Buy good quality boxes from your local branch or buy cheap plastic storage boxes from a pound or discount shop. Pack items carefully and make a list of what’s in each box, so you’ll know where they are later.
  • Organise the unit. Don’t just push the boxes inside, lock the door, and head to the pub for a pint-well-done. You definitely don’t want anything toppling over while you’re gone, so be mindful how you store it.

If you’re interested in getting a storage locker to make your summer or gap year easier, check out your local store and find out what discounts we have available for you. 

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