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Office with Storage

A purpose-built office and self-storage unit combined. Now there is no need to leave your office to access your stock or archives as its all in the one place.

The storage room is separated from your office by the division wall and internal door, which only you have access to, so everything is fully secure.

The storage section of the office/storage unit has its own external access, so moving goods in and out is simple, and you have a separate professional entrance for your clients.

There is a range of sizes of office/storage and in various combinations available all at very competitive prices.

Flexible terms are available, and you can rent these units for as little as a month.

Perfect for

  • eBay and Amazon 
  • Starter Companies
  • Retail Internet Companies
  • IT Repair Companies

Basically, any company or person that needs an office with a linked storage room, this would be an ideal solution.

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